Inspired Musicians​​
Piano & Giutar Lessons

Studio Policy


Anita’s Responsibilities

To provide a wholistic music education that is comprehensive and fun while working towards each students musical goals. I encourage students to use their imaginations and to be creative while playing music, exploring improvisation and song writing. I work on developing note reading, rhythm, aural training and playing technique.

Student/Parent Responsibilities

Lesson times cannot extend past the scheduled timeslot. Students are responsible for arriving on time with their learning resources and having completed their practice. The purpose for assigning practice is to help the student to achieve their music goals. It is expected that all instructions are followed week-to-week. 
You are welcome to use the driveway for a 2 minute pick up and drop off however please do not park for the entire duration of the lesson as we need to have clear access. There is plenty of street parking available. 

Contacting Me

You are welcome to call or message 9am - 5pm to discuss any tuition matters.

You are welcome to email me anytime. 

Studio Calendar 

Lessons are to commence from the first week of February through to the 14th of December. Lessons are only conducted on weekdays during the school term. No lessons will be running on public holidays or long weekends. The recurring monthly tuition fee covers 38 weekly lessons. School holiday lessons are available upon application.  


In addition to your child’s one-on-one lesson time, your fees cover time preparing for each lesson, my training and experience, printing, scanning, copying, professional organization memberships and Insurance. 

Tuition fee will be a yearly cost that will be made in equal monthly payments. Across the year this will include 38 lessons over 4 school terms beginning in February. This does not necessarily dictate equal lessons per term or month due to school and public Holidays.
EG. If a student is having a half hour lesson each week, the rate is $37.50. The monthly payment will be calculated by $37.50 X 38 lessons = $1425 / 11 = $129.54 per month. All tuition payments are non-refundable and no timeslot will be secured without payment.
Missed Lessons

As your payment reserves your weekly timeslot throughout the school term if you miss a lesson, the lesson is forfeited. No refund or makeup session will be offered. This includes lessons that are missed due to forgetfulness, illness, double booking, or holidays.
Payments that are not made in full by the due date risk losing their timeslot.
If I am unable to attend a lesson and this drops the students lesson number for the year below their minimum threshold, I will provide a make-up session or a refund for that lesson. However if a lesson is missed without affecting the students total number of lessons for the year, no make-up class or refund is required because they haven’t been paid for.


Students that would like to sit practical music exams should be aware that it takes a huge amount of diligence and stamina. Lessons along with practice requirements will be primarily based on preparing for the exam. I will only send a student in for an exam if they are confident and competent at playing repertoire of the desired grade. Extra lessons may be required and students will need to sit 1-2 mock exams with another teacher 1 month to two weeks before the exam date. Examinations are a great personal achievement to work towards. Every student is unique and I encourage students not to compare oneself but rather to celebrate every music milestone.

Terminating Lessons 

Inspired Musicians reserves the right to terminate lessons due to unpaid fees, in cases of questionable student commitment and behavioural issues. If you desire to terminate the lessons, please provide notice by email. No refund will be issued. Lessons will continue until the end of the monthly cycle when the termination will take effect. Once terminated, Reenrolment is required if you would like to resume lessons which is subject to availability. No timeslot will be secured without payment.

Social Media

From time to time I take a photo or video of students who have made a music milestone, whether it may be completing a book or mastering that tricky song they have been working so hard on.  Some of these are posted to my website or Facebook/Instagram page.